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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tzippy Livni

document.write("Edit/script>Family members of victims of Arab terrorism wish to sue the Palestinian Authority - but cannot do so until the Foreign Minister issues a decision determining whether or not the PA is immune to such suits. The families have therefore decided to take the unprecedented step of filing a court order demanding that Livni be either arrested or fined for "contempt of court."

Another case of Israel's government not knowing how to conduct themselves when Arabs are involved. Livni doesn't want to upset anyone. Too bad she and other government members are not so tentative when dealing with Jews.

Never in history has an Israeli government minister been the subject of a legal request to be deemed in contempt of court. The punishment for such is either a monetary fine or incarceration until the guilty party adheres to the court order.

The petition against Livni states that it is predicated on the fact that if governmental authorities - and certainly the Foreign Minister - do not adhere to court orders, this is liable to lead to a drop in public trust in the law enforcement system.

If Foreign Minister Tzippy Livni doesn't know what to do she should resign; if she knows what to do and doesn't do it she should be arrested. She's worried about keeping her job,which interferes with her doing her job. That's the current Israeli government for you.


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