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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Physical Force by IDF and Police: The Good

My struggle for optimism revealed a positive aspect of the violence perpetrated by the IDF and various Security and Police Forces, agents of the State of Israel.
The forces' familiarity with the use of physical force, with venting their fury on people will make it easier for them to strike Israel's enemies when it is time for fighting.
Also, it helps the Forces to sleep at night - they do not feel impotent the way they used to, when they were restrained from using force on their Arab foes. Now the Forces can relax, because they showed themselves capable of overwhelming those who oppose the wishes of the State.

Of course, this fillip for the Forces does not justify the State's persecution of Jewry. Nor would Israel be justified in persecuting Moslems, Christians or any other innocent earthling. However, there is a time for fighting, a time for war, and Israel may as well prepare himself.


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