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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Bezeq

Before I went to bed last night I unplugged two of my phones and left the celebrated DAEWOO CROFONE 400 as far away from my bed as possible, covering it with a T-shirt to muffle it. I heard it ring only at 4:53 AM....
On schedule, it rang three hours later. Shortly after eight o'clock I called 199 and eventually was connected to a technician who, after a minute's silence, said he'd erased the message. He began to say, "If it happens again -" but the phone cut out. Yes, the phone that caused all the billing trouble with Bezeq cuts off unpredictably.
I must remind my buddy to fax my complaint from his office. Also today I intend to go to the police station to drop off a note commending the officer who was called to my scene at Bezeq yesterday. I went to the Russian Compound police station around six in the evening to drop off the note, but they wouldn't let me leave it. I have to go there before four in the afternoon. I do hope that Bruno (to whose attention the commending message is addressed) can read my English scrawl. My printer evidently decided to join the communication conspiracy against me. Indeed, last night I took my laptop to my friend's home so we could print my fax complaint.
Perhaps this crisis will turn out to have a silver lining: for two consecutive days I've posted something!
One of the disconcerting consequences with my run-in with the law yesterday was that I missed attending a wedding. I guess I could have gone after the police business - Israeli weddings traditionally start hours after they're scheduled - but I was simply in no mood for joy.


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