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Friday, June 20, 2008

Well, Bezeq?

I'm still waiting for a reply - ANY reply - from Bezeq.
I've phoned, sent faxes, sent emails, and even caused enough of a ruckus at the Jerusalem office for them to have called the police. But Bezeq doesn't respond.
The only time one of their representatives kept their word about getting back to me was the day the police were called. I'd called as soon as the 199 line was open at eight in the morning to beg them to stop my phone from ringing every three hours, day and night. The operator at 199 seemed sympathetic and helpful. She offered to have the calls alerting me to the existence of a text message blocked. And when I asked her for a way to contact English speaking help directly (instead of pressing random buttons in the Hebrew, Russian or Arabic menus), she said she'd call back at one o'clock.
She did call back around one o'clock - just as the police were arriving after the fracas at the Bezeq office. She gave me the complicated number - which included my home phone number - to reach an English-speaking operator.
When I got home, the phone still rang every three hours. I called and spoke to another 199 operator who also supposedly blocked the calls. Eventually, the next day, a technician solved the problem by erasing the text message. (Another solution would have entailed my finding the manual that came with the phone a few years ago and laboring through the Hebrew instructions.) I didn't worry about losing the text message, because everyone I know phones me and either reaches me or leaves voice messages or sends SMS messages on my cellphone.
When I dialled the number I'd been given to reach an English speaker, a man answered in Hebrew. He passed the phone to another man who asked me what I wanted.
"I want to complain."
"About what?"
"About Bezeq."
(Pause) "You're talking to the Fire Department."
I suppose I could've transcribed or dialled the number incorrectly. After all, I hadn't been able to get much sleep, having been phoned every three hours. As it happens, I have had trouble sleeping: seems I have sleep apnea - according to the informal translation of a letter I received from the sleep clinic in Jerusalem. Poor me. Sleep apnea AND phones ringing every three hours. Is it any wonder I act out? In America the phone company would've been more responsive. Here it takes three calls to the phone company just to stop being disturbed. Heaven knows what it takes to get a billing problem taken care of.
I feel as though I'm repeating myself and no one is listening....


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