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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Machpelah; Moshiach

Soon I'll be ready to remark earnestly on the inchoate Moshiach as the leader who will speak for us, the children of Israel, and will explain to the nations why the Land is ours and that, when they recognize our Sovereignty over it, the complexion of the whole globe will change for the good.

The situation in Hebron differs in one way from the rest of the Land: the descendants of Ishmael should be permitted to visit the grave of Abraham. Whether or not Sarah Imanu, who saw clearly, didn't want Ishmael in our home is immaterial to those who wish to honor their father, Abraham. They may believe that Ishmael was Abraham's rightful heir and they may believe in fairies; so long as they wish to show honor to their father, even pray in the merit of his name, they should be allowed to visit his resting place.
As for the rest of the Land: Moshiach will soon mount his mule. Moshiach as leader. A Savior in the sense of saving the physical Children of Israel, not saving souls. And if there is some cataclysm, some Armageddon, the Children of Israel will have been united, and our remnants will enjoy the unity required for the messianic epoch.

For many years my knowledge of the way my country was governed dripped distractingly into my thoughts whenever I'd notice a newsbite while accessing my email or a headline while opening to the comics page. A new citizen of Israel, I pay a little more attention nowadays. However I cannot, without my upper lip quivering in the struggle not to smile, claim to be well-informed enough to form a measured opinion about the way the country is governed. In fact I don't know the basic vocabulary of the politics of the Land.
I no longer know whether Zionist is a good word or a bad word.


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