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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Olmert is a gang leader.

How could an able-bodied Jew consider writing sonnets now? What thoughts and feelings could he carve and caress into fourteen lines that wouldn't do more good if shouted on street corners?
The country is run by a gangster. Kadimah is a gang, not a political party. This Kadimah Party has no platform. They're saying, "Vote for Us. We'll take care of things." The leaders do not believe in the Land of Israel. They do not even believe in the State of Israel. The leaders believe only in themselves. They fear nothing, they fear no-one except bullies bigger than they are. Where does their confidence come from? The gangmembers and their supporters believe that they will survive and prevail because they have the nation's armed forces and police to protect them. Many of these uniformed servants of the government innocently believe that by charging their horses at crowds of young protesters and by swinging their batons at unarmed girls they are following the wishes of the citizens who elected the governments of the cities and state they serve. The Kadimah Gangmembers are convinced that theirs is the path that will end in a safe State of Israel. They trust that the world would not countenance their annihilation by Arab enemies. They have faith in humanity.
Some of Kadimah's opponents, however, have faith in Heaven. Indeed, some people have no faith in any politician.
Prayer alone will not work until everything else has been attempted.
I mentioned to my brother that my outrage at the brutality at Armona made me want to go to the next protest. He cautioned me about the danger.
What else can I do? Pour my passions into a poem?


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