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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Israel is dirt

Israel is a piece of dirt, grit;
Israel is a grain of sand
in the oyster of the Middle East.

Friday, August 04, 2006

People for the Holy Land of Israel: Independence from USA

Responding to the assertion that sovereign nations - such as Israel - must be held to higher standards than terrorist organizations - such as Hezbollah - I decided to level the playing field by forming a terrorist organization, "People for the Holy Land of Israel," and appointing Ehud Olmert as my second-in-command.
I reasoned that Mr. Olmert's actions would thus be as acceptable as those of any Hezbollah operative in the eyes of the world.
Alas, the power I vested in Mr. Olmert seems to have gone to his head: he foolishly and, without my approval, declared that he wishes to continue with the suicidal surrender of part of the Holy Land of Israel to a group who call themselves "Palestinians."
Clearly this action would be illegal. If Israel's right to this territory is to be abnegated, the territory in question must surely revert to the Kingdom of Jordan, which had control until 1967.
Mr. Olmert, in his capacity of Prime Minister, can be compared to that of a steward, a custodian. He does not own the land of Israel; he is merely its (dubiously) elected warden.
If a school is the victim of vandalism, the custodian's duty is to repair the damage and to implement safeguards to prevent further vandalism. What Mr. Olmert plans to do by giving away problematic territory is comparable to a school custodian who, faced with an increasing number of broken windows, attempts to relinquish ownership of the school's parking lot....

So I have no choice but to banish Mr. Olmert from the People for the Holy Land of Israel. In his stead, I am appointing the current Israeli Minister of Defense Peretz as my second-in-command.

The current military situation and the consequent uncertainty of Lebanon's final borders prevents me from defining the Holy Land of Israel's final borders. For the moment, therefore, I am able to declare only that its eastern border shall be the Mediterranean Sea; its western border, the Jordan river; and its southern border, Egypt.

Finally, one of the necessary steps to the establishment of the Holy Land of Israel will be its separation from the United States of America. We, the People for the Holy Land of Israel, laud the USA and its Constitution. However, for the Holy Land of Israel to maintain its integrity, there may be no foreign military bases or installations within its borders.